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Bug reports

Please report bug reports on our issue tracker.

Feature requests

Please put feature requests on our issue tracker.

Pull requests

When you submit a PR you’ll see a template that pops up - it’s reproduced here.

  • Provide a general summary of your changes in the Title
  • Describe your changes in detail
  • If the PR closes an issue make sure include e.g., fix #4 or similar, or if just relates to an issue make sure to mention it like #4
  • If introducing a new feature or changing behavior of existing methods/functions, include an example if possible to do in brief form
  • Did you remember to include tests? Unless you’re changing docs/grammar, please include new tests for your change

Writing tests

We’re using nosetests for testing. See the nosetests docs for help on contributing to or writing tests.

The Makefile has tasks for testing under python 2 and 3

make test
make test3